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The Blind Man and the Hunchback
( Tagalog )

There was once a blind man and a hunchback who were the best of friends. One day, these two came upon a tall coconut tree.

"I think I suddenly have a craving for coconut," the hunchback declared.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" said the blind man. He did not see the tree, or the luscious fruits high above.

"Just wait here," said the hunchback "There is a coconut tree nearby. I am going to try and climb up to the very top. As you cannot catch the fruits I will have to throw down, just wait here and count aloud the number of fruits you hear falling to the ground. After I get all the fruits from the tree, we will share."

The blind man agreed. The hunchback shinnied up the coconut tree, but the hump on his shoulders was dragging him down, and once he got halfway up the tree his grip loosened and he fell to the ground.

The hump on his shoulders touched the ground with a loud THUD! The blind man, grinning at what he thought was his friend’s good fortune at being able to pick an unusually heavy coconut, shouted "One!"

The hunchback was disgruntled, but he said nothing. He shinnied up the tree again. But, like before, he got halfway up the tree and fell back down.

"Two!" the blind man shouted gleefully.

The hunchback was getting rather frustrated, and annoyed at what he thought was stupidity on the part of his best friend. But he said nothing. In a final, angry effort, he hitched himself up the tree, and almost got to the top this time, but didn’t quite make it.

Down, down the hunchback went, and never before had the blind man heard such a loud THUD! from a coconut.

"Three!" the blind man shouted, and was astonished to suddenly feel his face being bashed in.

The blind man staggered back. He did not notice it, but the hunchback had hit him in the face so hard that his sight had returned. He only retaliated by kicking his friend on the back so strongly that the hump was suddenly pushed back in! When the two recovered from their fits and realized that they had cured themselves, they became friends again, and resolved immediately that they did not care that much for coconut anyway.